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Welcome to the Heroes Socks game. Currently, we have the following characters cast:

Mr. Bennet: i_love_paper
Claire Bennet: claire_bear15
The Haitian: silent_haitian
Ando Masahashi: ando_masahashi
Isaac Mendez: meester_eesock
Hiro Nakamura: hiro_nakamura
Matt Parkman: too_many_voices
Angela Petrelli: mme_petrelli
Nathan Petrelli: vote4petrelli
Peter Petrelli: copycat_peter
Claude Rains: claude_reigns
Niki/Jessica Sanders: mirrored_blonde
Theodore Sprague: teddybear616
Mohinder Suresh: not_the_lizard
Sylar: mmm_brains_mmm
Mr. Muggles: herr_muggles

Openings still exist for any and all living characters. However, please comment to this application post to apply for a character.

OOC posts in this community should be friends-locked and tagged as OOC.